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  • In bringing naturalization ceremonies to middle school and high school classrooms, Citizenship Counts inspires both U.S.-born and immigrant students to learn about the naturalization process and, more importantly, gain an appreciation of what it means to be American citizens. This appreciation embodies the ideals championed by Citizenship Counts founder Gerda ...Read More »

  • Although I had competed in countless events, it was an entirely different experience to compete as a member of Team U.S.A. in the Olympic Games. When I wore my red, white, and blue uniform it reminded me what it meant to be an American citizen. Even though I always wanted ...Read More »

  • The community of Gilbert is pleased to collaborate with Citizenship Counts to educate the students at Mesquite High School about the privileges of American citizenship. As an organizer of Gilbert's annual Constitution Week celebration, I believe it is important to instill patriotism and an appreciation for the value of citizenship ...Read More »

  • It is nice to see an effort toward developing patriotism and understanding of the Constitution and civics. There are times in your life when you walk away from an event feeling especially proud to be an American. This (Citizenship Counts ceremony) is one of those times.Read More »